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    Qv access point hangs in Internet Explorer 9.

    FRank Huning

      Dear all,


      I have an issue with Internet Explorer 9. When I navigate to our Qlikview accesspoint, it prompts for my credentials. Nothing unusual so far. After entering my credentials it keeps prompting. Looks like it cannot authenticate my credentials, somehow.

      Clicking the cancel button shows the loading content dialog and nothing happens.

      Doing the same in Google Chrome is not a problem. Everything works smoothly.


      Does somebody knows how to resolve this?


      We are using the Qlikview web server instead of IIS

      I am running Qlikview SME version 11.20.12018.0

      My workstation runs on Windows 7 (32 bits)

      I havent't tried the IE plugin yet. (I have no installation rights on my machine)


      If you need more information, please let me know.



      Regards Frank,