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    Set Analysis

      Hi all


      I have a script with one fact table and two dimension tables.


      One of the dimension tables is a calendar with each calendar date in it, which includes various groupings like Year, Week, YTD, QTD, LastWeek, LastMonth etc.


      On most of the sheets in my report I want the figures to be sliced and diced by the various date selections, however on one sheet I want the data to be sliced by the fields in the other dimension table only.


      I am using set analysis, but rather than ask the formula to ignore each calendar field seperately in something like the following


      =Sum({$<YTD=, ThisWeek=, ThisMonth=>}FactValue)


      Is there a way to use set analysis to ignore all field selections except the ones that I specify?  I know you can use 1 as the identifier, but how then do I ask the expression to honour the selection in a field like 'Depot'


      =Sum({1<Depot={[Selection]}, ReportGroup={[Selection]}>}FactValue)