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    QMC task still appears in status after file name change

    m m

      Hi Everyone.


      I have 2 questions:


      1) I wrote qvw to generate some files and later on went and change the file name. I made sure the task associated with the earlier file name was disabled and all the meta and shared file was deleted with old filename. however the old file still appears under status. why and how can i get rid of it.


      2) If i want to organize my run task under QMC how can i lable it different then what appears in access point.

           for example:


      I have app demo1.qvw that shows up in accesspoint under Executive Dashboard. I go into document and change catagory to Executive Dashboard.


      However I want qvd generator that produces files for above dashoard to be named Executive Dashboard QVD Genarator how can that shows up qmc status but that catagory not show up in accesspoint because it is only qvd generator task.