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    Loop through table values to input into a procedure

    Paul McCormick



      I am trying to do a bit of repetitive work through a procedure.  The procedure itself works fine, but when trying to feed in values I am getting null values.  Below is the code, pretty sure its a simple mistake, so any help would be great.



      LOAD * INLINE [
          Table Name, Search Value, First Wild, Second Wild, Tag
          MONTHLY_LEU, PSO, *, *, PSO
          MONTHLY_LEU, Imperfections Charge¬, *, *, IMPERFECTIONS
          MONTHLY_LEU, Total Units, , *, POPULAR
          MONTHLY_LEU, Moyle Interconnector Charge, *, *, MOYLE
          MONTHLY_LEU, Availability Charge, *, *, AVAIL
          MONTHLY_LEU, CCL¬, *, *, CCL
          MONTHLY_LEU, SCC¬, *, *, SCC
          MONTHLY_LEU, Monthly Charge¬, *, *, MARKET_OP_CHARGE
          MONTHLY_LEU, Market Operator Charge¬, *, *, MARKET_OP_CHARGE
      Let RCount=NoOfRows('LIST');  
      For i=0 to $(RCount) -1  
      call RateAndConsumption( peek([Table Name],$(i)),peek([First Wild],$(i)),peek([Second Wild],$(i)),peek(Tag,$(i)))
      Next i;