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    Print Individual PDFs from Banded Report

    James Summerson

      Hello All.


      I have been searching through the Community for an answer to a much asked question: "How can I automate the production of individual PDFs from a Banded report?"


      The answer mainly is to use Publisher, but in this case that is not possible, so I am asking the question again in the hope that there are new answers!


      My requirement is that I have a report that is set to band over "Area" and there are 15 different areas. I have now been tasked to send a regular report to each of these areas, i.e. an individual slicew of the banded report. I would quite like to automate this process and am fairly familiar with VB so the use of code is a possiblity.


      I am willing to accept some form of 'Brute Force' solution rather than an elegant bit of programming!


      My idea of a brute force solution is to pull an area name into a variable, then run the report using that variable, looping through the 15 areas one at a time until all of the reports are saved.


      Any ideas / solutions gratefully accepted!