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    How to make 430 / 0.65 = 661 ?

      Hi All


      may i know how to make my selling price = 661.5 ? now display as 656.5


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          Hi All


          I forget to info , Table (A) have cal error only when user select TMY or TID or TTH.

          When user select TSG the calculation is correct.


          kindly use my below QV doc.


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              Ralf Becher


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                Jeremiah Kurpat

                This formula gets you the 661.50:


                floor(ceil(FOB_SGD_SUB*RATE_P/LESS,.5)/MARKUP_SUB, .5)


                But I didn't use your field TRANSPORT_SUB cause I am not sure how this factors in. Also its not as perfect as 430/.65. The equation FOB_SGD_SUB*RATE_P/LESS gives you a decimal value, in which you use ceil to make it become 430 in the previous expression. However you didn't do any rounding to it in:




                So it is using the decimal value and not the actual value 430 (also you are multiplying TRANSPORT_SUB to it in your equation, which is throwing your number off).


                That is why I rounded, then divided:


                floor(ceil(FOB_SGD_SUB*RATE_P/LESS,.5)/MARKUP_SUB, .5)


                Also, the value is larger than 661.5, so if you use ceiling, it will round to 662 (which is why i used floor).


                I can't be sure what numbers you are actually expecting.


                Hope this helps!