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    3 Lists, 1 Removes, 1 Adds and 1 Result

      Hey Guys, I need a help in here.


      I have 3 lists like these:


      List 1 (Removes from Result when Selected)List 2 (Adds on Result when Selected)List 3 (Result)
      Optional 1Optional 1Optional 1
      Optional 3Optional 2Optional 3
      Optional 4Optional 3Optional 4
      Optional 6Optional 4Optional 6
      Optional 9Optional 5Optional 9
      Optional 13Optional 6Optional 13
      Optional 19Optional 7Optional 32
      Optional 27Optional 8Optional 40
      Optional 32Optional 9Optional 2
      Optional 40Optional 10Optional 12
      Optional 11Optional 14
      Optional 12Optional 15
      Optional 13
      Optional 14
      Optional 15


      The thing is:

      The 'RESULT LIST' has EVERYTHING that the 'LIST 1' does, although, what is selected on 'LIST 1' removes from the 'RESULT LIST' (It's like if you have those Optionals already pre-selected but you have to say which one you DON'T WANT TO, like buying a car.)

      And the 'LIST 2' does the Opposite, it has ALL the Optionals, from 1 to 99 we can say, and when selected, it ADDS to the 'RESULT LIST' instead of removing it like 'LIST 1' does.


      So, in the example above I'm:

      REMOVING the 'Optional 19' and the 'Optional 27' from the 'RESULT LIST' you can see those selections don't appear there AND

      ADDING the 'OPTIONAL 2, 12, 14 and 15' from the 'LIST 2' to the 'RESULT LIST'.


      Thank you in advance!

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          Angad Singh

          Can you please attach a sample QVW file with expected results. That will help you get quick answers.



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            Sure, there we go.

            So, I left some selections already like this:


            List 1 PRE-SELECTED (Removes when Selected)List 2 ALL OPTIONALS (Adds when Selected)Result
            Optional 1Optional 3(Everything on List 1, REMOVING the Red Selections)
            Optional 14Optional 4Optional 3
            Optional 15Optional 5Optional 4
            Optional 16Optional 6Optional 5
            Optional 26Optional 7Optional 6
            Optional 28Optional 8Optional 7
            Optional 37Optional 19Optional 8
            Optional 27Optional 20Optional 19
            Optional 39Optional 21Optional 20
            Optional 41Optional 30Optional 21
            Optional 42Optional 1Optional 30
            Optional 43Optional 2


            So, the 'RESULT LIST' should have everything on 'LIST 1' without the Selections PLUS Adding the Selections from 'LIST 2'.