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    Problem with pivot drill down and traffict light gauge


      I´m quite new with Qlikview and I have couple of problems there:


      1) Pivot chart drill down: I have a Income statement as Pivot chart and I don´t won´t that chart drills down with totals e. g. EBITDA. Is it possible to define that there would be only drill down in subtotals e.g. Purchases -> Material purchase -> Account but NOT in totals? The chart is quite annoying at the moment.


      2) Traffic light gauge minichart: I would like to add a traffic light gauge to Straight table and I´m wondering with gauge setting. Now is the question of accounting values and I´d like to show how it´s going comparing to last year. Because values may vary -X € to +X € I don´t know how to define gauge settings min and max and lower bound? For example this year sales 10 000 € and last year 100 000 € (or should I show variance in percents?), what are the values of min/max/lower bound?


      Thanks in advance!