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    Display multiple fields on to X axes

    Shumail Hussain

      I have the below grid in excel and i am loading it into my qlikview document. Also consider that i cannot change the format.


      Category 1P13.713.853.9968714.144.2837424.43
      Category 2P12.682.382.0803321.781.4806641.18
      Category 3P20.070.080.08040.090.09080.10
      Category 4P21.461.301.481.43981.451.52
      Category 5P30.530.410.570.530.530.54
      Category 6P314.314.5413.8914.313.4313.06
      Category 7P48.167.317.518.167.627.05

      Below is the code to load:


      LOAD Category, Product,
      [Jan-10] as Fee_Jan10,
      [Feb-10] as Fee_Feb10,
      [Mar-10] as Fee_Mar10,
      [Apr-10] as Fee_Apr10,
      [May-10] as Fee_May10,
      [Jun-10] as Fee_Jun10,
      [YTD Jun-10] as YTD_2010

      I want to make a line chart for the above grid where i want months to be on X axes. please help.

      I try to transpose the data but it couldn't work with the two descriptive fields.