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    Error showing Allocated Memory Exceeded...Please Help .!!!!

    Amit Saini

      Hi Folks ,


      I'm facing one problem with my application which is running on access point. Please see the attached document by the name Access point Error.docx.  Yestrday it was running fine , but today I'm getting error showing Allocated memory Exceeded.



      And when I'm opening my application locally on my server it is directing me to the Qlikview macro page, it looks like something is wrong with the Macro here.


      Macro directing page is having code mentioned below:



      sub TimeSelect


          set TimeValues = ActiveDocument.Fields("Time").GetPossibleValues


          TimeStr = TimeValues.Item(0).Text



          set GroupField = Group(0).GetActiveField


          if GroupField.Name = "MonthYear" or GroupField.Name = "WeekYear" then

              GroupFieldStr = replace(GroupField.Name, "Year", "")


              GroupFieldStr = GroupField.Name

          end if


          if GroupFieldStr <> TimeStr then

              Group(0).Cycle 1


          end if   


      end sub








      Any idea how to fix this.??????