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    Alternate Layout for above() function?

      Is there a way to restrict the output of a chart to only those values that are not null, when the above() function is being used?


      Short Version:

      Consider a table with MonthName as the dimension and above(count(Policies), 6) as the expression. It might look something like this:

      Header 1Header 2
      Jan 2013-
      Feb 2013-
      Mar 2013-
      Apr 2013-
      May 2013-
      Jun 2013-
      Jul 2013100
      Aug 2013110
      Sep 2013105
      Oct 2013100
      Nov 2013115
      Dec 2013120

      If the display type is switched to Line Graph, there is a large blank space at the start of the graph, and I can't for the life of me seem to get rid of it.


      To make matters worse, the actual dashboard I'm making uses a much more complex expression than count(Policies), so using pick(match()), while it works, is very slow (45 -75 second response rate on a large server.) Has anybody else encountered this before, or happened to build a dashboard for displaying Survival Triangles?