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    Form sum of excluded values

    Ibrahim Aslan

      Hi there,

      unfortunately my English is not so good, got myself the help of Google translator.

      I'm new in QlikView and find this community just great.

      Have a question that you can answer me hope :

      I'll show you an example :

      I have a table with the following information :

      Material:Order TimeWorkplace
      A11,5 hMachine A
      A25 hMachine B


      If I want to sum the order time of each workplace , I just do sum ( order time) and select the Machine.

      But I would still have the option to simulate the material A2 on the other machine via a inputbox .

      That means, if I have chosen Machine A and entrie in the InputBox Material A2, this time should be summed. Unfortunately, this is not because only selected materials are summed.

      How can I solve that?