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    problem with rank in the set analysis

      hello to all

        I'm with the following problem



      have to find the greatest competitors of my client

      I am using this expression



      only ({<Group= {"=rank(sum([Ingresso Total] ),Grupo) 1"}>} = Group)


      only ({<Group= {"=rank(sum([Ingresso Total] ),Grupo) 2"}>} = Group)



        it returns me exactly what I seek, I put the two expressions in two variables.

      Only then used the vTOPGrupo variables and vTOPGrupo2 respectively



      sum ({<Modalidade {'Presencial'}, Group ={$(=$(vTOPGrupo2))} =>} [Total Joined])



        The problem is that some groups zeroed return and use the same expression

      setting the group name that appears wrong, this way

      sum ({<Modalidade {'Presencial'}, Group ={'XXX'} =>} [Total Joined])

      it returns the correct value, and I'm seeing the same group



        can someone help me