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    Scan of scripts in .qvw files

    Olivier Robin


      is it possible to scan script in all .qvw files to search a specific string ?

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          ioannis giakoumakis

          If you export all the scripts first in some directory as qvs files (kind off like text files)

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            Srikanth P

            Hi Olivier, There are couple of options. Reading the qvw script from Log file generated after qvw reload or export the qlikview script .qvs files into  one directory. For scanning you need to write the batch file or vbs file.

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              Marcus Sommer

              Here a possibility to scanning scripts through a macro - in this case with writing in a text-file, but you could check each script-part with a instr() to your search-string.


              set doc = ActiveDocument
              set obj = doc.GetSheetObject("TB04") 'Tabellenbox der Anwendungen

              for iRow = 1 to obj.GetRowCount - 1 'von Zeile 1 bis zur letzten Zeile
                   set app = obj.GetCell(iRow, 0) 'applications
                   set path = obj.GetCell(iRow, 1) 'path
                   set newApp = ActiveDocument.GetApplication 
                   set newdoc = newApp.OpenDoc (path.Text & "\" & app.Text,"","")
                   set prop = newdoc.GetProperties

                   script = prop.Script 'LoadScript Variable zuweisen
                   set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") 'FileSystemObject erstellen
                   set File = fso.OpenTextFile(FilePath & "\LoadScripte\" & "LoadScript_" & app.Text & stamp & typ, 2, true) 'txt-File schreibend öffnen           
                   File.Writeline script 'Variable in txt-File schreiben
                   File.Close 'txt-File schließen


              - Marcus