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    Line Chart with dynamic selection displaying two  series

      Hello fellows,


      I have a data table with the attributes (date, X, Y):

      Date,              X,        Y

      8-Feb-14         1         0.4343

      8-Feb-14         2         0.4311

      8-Feb-14         3         4343

      8-Feb-14         4         65

      8-Feb-14         5         67.5

      7-Feb-14         1         0.555

      7-Feb-14         2         0.656

      7-Feb-14         3         111

      7-Feb-14         4         22

      7-Feb-14         5         657.5


      The user can select a date.


      Now I'm trying to build a line chart displaying two series of (x,y) values, one for selected date and one for previous date. While building first series was quite obvious, creating an expression for second one is not straightforward.


      The (potential) algorithm is to:

      - get selected date

      - calculate previous date (if not available, try one before)

      - get (x,y) values for previous date


      Any suggestions, please?