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    Move Object

    Andrea Masciulli

      Hello to all

      I created an object (I would not create too many objects) of type table based on the imprints makes me see the summary data of either / or detail.

      based on the selection I need to move the object to show the detail data in a location other than the display level synthesis

      would know someone show me how to move an object based on the selection of fields.



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          sujeet Singh

          For this you can create tricky solutions such as you can have repeated object on location and on specific selection it can get active.


          But this is not possible for the one object to be active on two different coordinates since the coordinates are static in qlikview.Not sure but may be one can do this through complex macro coding but not sure .


          See this sample may it help you


          In sample the LEVIS text will pop up a chart at another location whereas the KILLER text when clicked pop ups the another chart at another location .

          CLEAR ALL is to clear all this .