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    Help for formula for calculating turnover on two dimensions associated with the same fact table

    Manuel Raggi

      Hello to all.
      I have the following data structure:



      I must get the total  turnover  for AGE_ID and AGE_ID2  into two separate tables.


      Estrvenstor is the  table Data.


      Table 1                                                Table2

      AGE_ID  Turnover                               AGE_ID2   Turnover                   

      101         1.100                                   101           2.100


      The two results should be obtained without the filter of the for AGE_ID influences the selection of the records of the second table which must be filtered for AGE_ID2.

      Inizio modulo

      It is possible to get it with the associative structure attached ?


      In addition, the value assumed AGE_ID must then also be the value of filter for AGE_ID2.


      AGE_ID = 101 (active filter)


      Table 1

      sum({<AGE_ID={"=$(=(AGE_ID))"},AGE_ID={"<>null"}>} total <AGE_ID> $(varFatturato))

      I tried to use the following formula but it does not work!


      For table 2 that formula should I use ?


      Thanks for all your help