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    "Weight" (resource-usage) of objects?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      is there any way, in general, that I can find out about the resource-usage of different types of objects?

      => In my specific instance, I have a set of about a dozen gauge-charts that can, according to the value

          of a KPI, turn green, yellow or red and that also link to the worksheet where the KPI in question is displayed.

      <=> Because of the nature of the KPIs to be displayed, however, that does not work, I cannot calculate a status,

      => so the gauges are actually just a kind of buttons.

      => Would it make my app significantly smaller if I replaced these by real button_objects? (the app will be opened via a VPN connection and currently it's about 1MB without data (170 with data).

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,