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    YTD Calculation redefined

    Shannoy Panankoodan


      Contents of this image:

      1. Year2013 and Year2014 (Text Box)

      2. Quarter1 to Quarter4 (Text Box)

      3. Month Jan to Month Dec (Text Box)

      4. Week1 to Week52 (Text Box)



      Fact: Ice Cream Sales

      Primary Dimension: Week

      Secondary Dimension: City



      On selecting:

      Step 1:Year 2013-->All quarters, months and weeks are intact

      Step 2:Q1--> Jan, Feb, Mar are only displayed


      Step 2:Jan--> Q1 is displayed

      Step 3:only Week 1 to 5 are displayed



      Another example

      For 2013--> Q2--> Apr,May,Jun --> Apr is selected--> Week14 to Week18 should be displayed



      On basis of the selections(for e.g. Jan) the Bar Chart should show week 1 to week 5 data and cumulative data for the month of Jan

      Another example

      If the selection (for e.g. Apr)the Bar Chart should show week 14 to week 18 data and cumulative data for month of Apr