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    How  do you get experience when you have no experience?

      I am relatively new to Qlikview.  I have taken both Designer and Developer classes and would like to get my certification.  I really need some practical experience first but cannot find positions for entry level developers.  Anybody have any suggestions?  I appreciate any ideas that can be shared.

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          Check into large consulting companies like Tata consultancy.  They are an Indian company but have newbies placed all over the world and hundreds of companies.

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            sivasankar kanagasabai



            To certify, yes you need experience. You try some free lancing websites and keep involve in communities, and do your own proof of concepts to get the experience. Once you certified and if you're already working, you can change into Qlikview platform in your current company (if there are internal job positions).


            Also keep updating your profiles in Job Portals. All the best!




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              Advait Thakur

              Hi Tracy,

              There is just one mantra..Make error while developing applications..errors will give learning exposure and experience too...which will build the confidence. Get involve in community, experience what other has experienced by reading blogs, posts. Download qlikview application from qlikviewdotcom and understand it.




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                Peter Cammaert

                Maybe you can get some experience in this way (note: this is only about developing QV solutions, not about managing them or the server)::

                • If you have not already done so, follow the tutorial which provides basic knowledge about doing things on your own (instead of learning to control QV fragments as in Developer/Designer)
                • Then try to define one or more BI objectives of your own (imaginary report, P&L, things that are being developed/suggested by community users) and try to create them from start to finish by youself. Just as an excercise.


                Feedback (massive amounts of it) will be freely provided by our great community colleagues, whenever you are stuck. It's just a matter of time and patience before you grow into a QlikView expert yourself.  And the underlying principle is always, as Advait already suggested, to do by trial & error.


                In short: experiment.



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                  Just wanted to thank everyone who replied.  This is my first experience in the Qlikview community.  I'm grateful for the suggestions and will act on them.  Keep them coming! 

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                    Steve Dark

                    Hi Tracy,


                    Where about are you based - someone may see your post here and get in touch if they are local.


                    It is incredibly difficult to get an entry level QlikView job, as you can almost guarantee that early on you will need to be writing complex expressions and analysing tricky data - this requires someone with experience, and how do you get experience without... etc...


                    Things I would suggest are spending time on Qlik Community answering queries on here, read as many different sources of QlikView information as you can (there are some excellent blogs and books out there) and finally look at downloading some freely available data sources to try things out on (freedom of information means there is a lot of data available now).


                    I managed to get my company up and off the ground by first sub-contracting for existing QlikTech partners, which gave a bit of a safety net before approaching companies directly.


                    Hope that helps give you some ideas.



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                      There are now very complete answers ...

                      As pcammaert and stevedark said,

                      - read docs: done by members (as I did, as Steve did ...), white papers, technical briefs, books ...

                      - try to replicate other BI projects (that you have done before in your professional life, that others are doing) or try to solve an imaginary problem with free data across the net

                      - try to answer questions in the community (I do that effort because I am learning QlikView also). Most of the time, someone else will get the answer before you get it. It is not important: you can compare your solution to the one given by another member (very often, the question is not clearly expressed: perhaps you have understood it better, and have a better solution). Anyway next time, you will get the solution faster (because you won experience) and one day you will be the fastest because the question appears to be "easy".

                      You may decide to answer easy questions, or more complex ones: some members expect other people to solve completely their application, it can be a good way to learn. If you do some mistakes, other members will tell how things are in QV, or the person which asked the question will tell if your solution suits or not.

                      -I would say also "try to write docs": For you, with all personal notes (QV is very rich, and quite complex very rapidlly as stevedark said). Perhaps you will explore one functionnality that is not very well documented or badly explained: a deeper exploration is a good way to learn also. And an explanation to the community can be a good way to give the community what it gives to you from time to time.


                      And you will need time, patience and efforts.



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                        Car Bal



                        It so, so much what we can tell you that every little answer maybe almost nothing or the holy grail of Qlikview.

                        I stumbled with QV and i like it, it's different, it's imperfect, it just began, it's like me, complex & contradictory.

                        I buy every book about QV.

                        I navigated every webpage, blog, etc i was able to do.

                        I read thousand of pages, many of then i translated to spanish (i am argentine).

                        I had printed more than 10.000 pages of demos, examples, documents, tutorials, white-papers and so on.

                        I make projects all the time, to real customers or to myself.

                        I make mistakes, I research, I try and then I try again & again.

                        What did i learn ?

                        Developer QV is 10% of knowledge + 90% of practice.

                        Remenber the Feymann theorem:

                        Write down the problem.

                        Think hard.

                        Write down the answer.

                        Good luck.




                        This is the best question in the whole blog.


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                          Angad Singh

                          Well everyone has guided you very nicely, and thats the best in Qlikview community.


                          Well, I believe Qlikview is meant for business discovery. And as a women(since I believe women have inbuilt managerial skills ), you have a complete realtime situation available at your home itself. Why not just start making an qlikview application to check, how much is spent and on what during a month, week, day.

                          You can then ask questions to yourself, and let Qlikview answer them for you.


                          You can create If-Analysis to actually manage the household budget. What say?




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                            Arun Patil

                            Hi Tracy,


                            I am also new in qlikview but gain knowledge from my self and community help.

                            I have one actual project to develop but no confidence, if you are interested we will jointly

                            develop and implement that project. my email id is patilarun69@gmail.com