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    Section access

      Filter AccessPoint Document List Based on Section Access

      When this option is enabled, users will only see those documents in the document list on the AccessPoint and in Open in Server, he or she has access to based on section access, in addition to other access rights. Note that those names present in the NTNAME column in section access will be saved as clear text in the qvw file, however, no passwords will be saved.

      Note: Even when this option is enabled, the AccessPoint may in some cases list documents that the user does not have access to based on Section Access. This is because of how the Section Access functionality works. However, the user can only see such documents, not open them.



      The above is taken from the help manual for the Filter AccessPoint Document List Based on Section Access option.


      Can someone explain the Note section for the above ? What are the Cases where the access point lists the docs which the user does not have access ?

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          Luis Pimentel Giráldez

          People that don't appear in SA won't see any documents. However, people that appear in SA but cause the data reduction to reduce data to nothing will still see the document in AP. On opening such an AP document, they will get "Failed to open..."


          As long as QlikView relies security on the file system, make sure that in the Settings menu, Document Properties, Server tab, the "Filter AccessPoint Document List based on Section Access" is checked. So if either the user is not in a group with NTFS permissions on the file or it does not belong to a member of the group allowed in the NTNAME, the user shouldn't be able to see the document, even if he's allowed to get to the AccessPoint.


          When security works with NTFS, there is no way to create that "customized" URL for each user. You should use / build a Single Sign On, and it might not be worth it, specially if the solution above works.


          Hope that helps.



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              Hi Luis,


              Thanks for the reply


              Can you explain the Note section <in bold letters>  ?


              As per your example a person with SA but causes full data reduction will get 'Failed to open' pop up window


              However, I am curious to know what are the cases when the user will be able to see the document even if the section access is not enabled for him and the option (Filter AccessPoint Document List Based on Section Access) is also selected .

              Is it possible for such a case to exist ?