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    Field not found error while using SAP Connector

      Hi Community,


      Using SAP Connector, I am connecting to a SAP report variant. I need to set up mechanism, for daily incremental data load, for that report. Today when I set up the report layout, everything works file. But next day, on scheduled job, it fails, and error is field not found.


      The issue is because of the Description fields changing the filedlength, based on the actual data size.

      e.g. Materail Description, in todays data, when I am setting up the layout, at design time, has max length 13, delimiter appears at 14th position and layout is set accordingly. Next day, if description contains actual data, in any single row, which exceeds 13, job fails.


      How can this issue be fixed?

      To the SAP team - I have specified that report has to be in ALV format. But within ALV format as well, this issue happens.

      Is there any solution, which can be implemented either at Qlikview side or SAP side? Community support would prove me a great help.


      Regards - Kishori