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    Last year to date (LYTD) flag

      Hi Community,


      in my master calendar I have the following statements, which enables me to do current quarter/year to date vs last quarter/year to date


      inyeartodate (Activity.TempDate,Today(), 0) *-1 as Activity.CYTDFlag,

      inyeartodate (Activity.TempDate,'2013-02-13',0) *-1 as Activity.LYTDFlag,

      inquartertodate (Activity.TempDate,'2014-03-31', 0) *-1 as Activity.CQTDFlag,

      inquartertodate (Activity.TempDate,'2013-11-13',0) *-1 as Activity.LQTDFlag



      HOWEVER, i have to manually change the dates in bold, whenever i run the script. How can I amend the script so that this is automated?