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    Scalability Tests



      I conducted my tests using the QlikView Hardware Benchmark (v3.0).pdf whitepaper and was able to complete all 6 tests. However, my logs folder for the result set is empty. While I did conduct the tests, the ERR was always 50% or higher. Does that mean the tests were unsuccessful? Should the ERR be zero to signal successful testing?


      Also, I used the QVDGenerator from the QVScriptGenTool0_7_64_bit section to analyze my results above and while most of the qvds generated, the calendarqvd, and jmeterqvd did not generate. Not to mention my analysis didn't show as well in the associated application to be opened after QVDGenerator. Am I missing a step along the way?


      My jMeter.log file does have data, however, unformatted and unstructured compared to the other files.

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          Pawel Fobka

          Hi Amir,


          The result for Benchmarking package you have described is strange. In cases we have seen so far even if errors occurred during test run files in Results folder contained data.

          If errors are thrown during test execution it means that test run was not successful. If errors occur during first test scenario it is a strong indication that something was not configured correctly. To answer your question - the Error level should be zero for a successful run.


          The reason why the jmeter.qvd was not generated might be that your result files were empty.


          The jMeter.log file contains only log which are specific to jMeter they are not the test results.


          Based on your description I'm not able to pin point what might be cause of the problem. The suggestion is to try to set up the tests again following steps described in documentation.

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            Robert Duvall

            Good Morning Amir,

            A real newbie here to Qlikview.  I'm trying to use the QlikViewTestScriptGeneratorGUI and I'm not getting mine to even open.  Did you have similar issues at first and can you suggest what might be issue?  I thank you in advance for your time and assistance.



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              Nikhil Garg


              I am using QV scalability tool but dont know how to create qvw and qvd. Can you help ??