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    Initializing QlikView Document - Asp.NET Qlikview Workbench

    Omer Demir

      Hi everyone,


      I'm currently working on an Asp.Net project using Qlikview workbench.

      My target is -pretending like unaware of the documents- investigating the documents available on the server and their objects.

      And then letting the user select which document to use and what objects (s)he wants to view.


      1) Is there any way to use GetAllDocuments() function before initialize any of the documents? (Because Initialization requirement sounds nonsense to me in my case...)


      2) I achieved to get the documents somehow and would like to ask the user which object (s)he wants to use, so I will initialize the selected document with a code like following:

      Qv.InitWorkBench({ View: 'Movies Database', BodyOnLoadFunctionNames: ['init'] });

      As I am to initialize the requested document, instead of 'Movies Database' I need to insert a variable as following:

      var doc = Qv.GetDocument(docName);

      How do I pass docName value to 'view' attribute of the InitWorkBench() function?


      Any help appreciated..