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    Help on labels

    Christian Lauritzen

      I have ran into two challenges that I need help to solve. These challenges are quite tricky, and I am not even sure that the first challenge with calculated labels even can be solved. Still, I often get surprised when the gurus of this community engage their brains!


      The attached chart shows a country's ranking in terms of number of medals won in the winter olympics compared to all countries that won medals for a specific year.





      1. To replace the number at the end of the bars with the Label from the temporary table. Ie, for 2008, it should say '7/86' instead of only 86 (which equals to total number of countries that earned medals that year). I am not certain solving this is possible.


      2. To display a longer green segment for shared ranking.

      The green segment is now only correct when the rank is not shared. For instance, for 1996 the left grey segment should be 19 (19 nations were better), the green should be 3 units wide (3 countries shared position 20) and the rightmost grey segment should only be 57 (57 countries had a lower rank). This is especially relevant if a sport is selected, because the ranking is often shared. This is certainly possible to solve, even though I have not managed to.


      Most curious of the results, and your help is warmly appreciated!


      Good luck!