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    Problem with GetText() function in Extension

    Some Nath Roy

      Dear All,


      I am trying to learn QV Extension object with some basic examples. My requirement is to fetch value/text shown in a standard QV object. An expression [=Sum({<year={'2013'}>}Sales)] has been written in a standard QlikView Text Object. Now Text Object is showing a value 100.

      My intention is to popup this value 100.


      Please note that below code that has been written in Script.js file :


              function () {


        var html = "<table><tr><td><input type='submit' name='txtSubmit' value='Submit' onclick='OnBtnClick()'></td></tr></table>";

        this.Element.innerHTML = html;


      window.OnBtnClick = function()


        var mydoc = Qv.GetCurrentDocument();

        var myObj = mydoc.GetObject("TX01");






      I am getting the follwing error message:




      Any help would be highly appreciated.


      Thanks & Regards,