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    How do I remove a qlickview report from TFC source control.

    Niels Bo Steffens

      I managed to ad a report to TFS source control, but I turned out to be a blank report, so I removed it from TFS in visual studio (and checked the delete in), and I erased the -prj folder, copied the right file in place opened it and tried to add it to source control again. But it saies "The file is already in source control, use Checkin option...." But Checkin option is grayed out, even if I make a change to the Qlikview report.


      When I try to add to source control the new -prj folder I created. But not checked in.


      Where does qlikview get the notion that the report is under source control. What else must I delete?


      I hope one of you have more experience with the TFS integration.


      Niels Bo