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    Variables in edit report heading

    Fei Xu

      Hi all,

      I have two questions regarding edit report. In report settings, click picture button, we can see the image list. However there are only six places. What if I need to have more than 7 images imported? How can I do that?




      The second question is that if I do this by setting a variables in the script like below:


      SET logo = if([Field]=11,'\\logos\11.jpg',



      and then if I write a text object with =logo and set the Representation of the text box to image, the text object can display the images correctly based on the selection in the field.


      But I can't make it work on the section of the header either using =$(logo) or =logo. Can anyone know how to set variables here? It just shows the path of the image but not real pictures. Is it doable?




      I am using QV 11 SR3.

      Thank you very much.