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    Comparative Analysis

    ben lim

      Hi all,


      I am using comparative analysis to do an ad hoc template for user to nagivate around. (Aka alternate state)

      On the Script I have this code



      LOAD * INLINE [


      this means that if user check on TEU, the table will appear box on expression using conditional format

        =SubStringCount(Concat(_Dimension_PMX, '|'), 'TEU')


      and my expression to that conditional expression is

      sum({[Group 1]}TEU)


      However, for this report i woud like my expressions to have set analysis where Activity_Code = 'LOAD'. This is to cater a certain ad hoc template for this

      meaning if is without alternative anaysis, it will be sum({<Activity_Code = {'LOAD'}>}TEU)


      I would not want user to select Load activity code everytime as it defeat the purpose