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    Macro for selecting data range is not working

      Hi All,

      I have the following issue:

      Im trying to select only the last 30 days in a Macro Sub.

      I 2 Have qlikview Variables:

      1. "vMaxDate" gets the max date we have in the system

      2. "vMinDay30" gets the max date -30.

      So I would like to select everything in between.


      my Sub is:

      sub select30days

      ActiveDocument.ClearAll false

      First= ActiveDocument.Variables("vMinDay30").GetContent.String

      Last= ActiveDocument.Variables("vMaxDate").GetContent.String

      mySelect= ">" & First & "<" & Last

      ActiveDocument.Fields("DateOnly").Select mySelect

      end sub


      but even after I test it, it does not select a thing.

      Any advice?


      thank you