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    ABC Cross analysis

    Martino Vedana

      Hi guys,


      I'm trying to figure out how to show a dynamic calculated ABC Cross analysis (by Invoiced value and Margin Value) in the same table. In the attached file you can find a simple example with sample data as below:

      2014-02-18-1555 -001.png

      I'm able to show ABC Analysis into two different tables:

      2014-02-18-1558 -001.png

      I'm not able to show the above percentages in  the same table because Percentage values are cumulative values based on a specific order (in first table by "Invoiced value" and in the second one by "Margin Value"


      I can't calculate the percentage before loading values because all the values have to be dynamically calculated based on current filters.


      attached you can find the source qvw file with all the data loaded

      Any Ideas ?


      Thank you