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    Set Analysis in Dimension

      Hi There!


      I need assistance in calculating a dimension with set anaylsis in my straight table. 


      I need my straight table to provide a count of employees who have 1 sale, 2 sales, 3 sales, 4 sales, 5, sales, etc. each week. 


      I would like my straight table to look something similar to the below.  I have my data in an excel spreadsheet.  I only want to count SaleId's that have boolean value of 'Yes' in the [Use] field.


      Any help would greatly be appreciated.  I have never created a calculation in the dimension that uses set anaylsis.  THANKS!




      Count of Sales               Count of Employees

                1                                   20

                2                                   48

                3                                   54

                4                                   60

                5                                   70

                6                                   45

                7+                                 27