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    exclude a few data points from one of the few lines in a line chart

      Hi there, firstly thanks for your time! This question has being holding off my work for days...

      I have a line chart, x-axis is week number, y-axis is insurance take-rate(one line for [fiscal] = 2014, the other for [fiscal] = 2013).

      Since the latest [week number] for FY14 is 75, the value of insurance take-rate is not valid for any week with a [week number] larger than 75, and you can see it's all flat when the [week number] is >= 75.

      What I need to solve is to exclude those data points where the [week number] is >= 75 AND ONLY FOR [fiscal] = 2014; I don't want to do any change on [fiscal] = 2013 since for 2013, all value is valid.


      The data points need to be excluded is shown in the following chart, and I attached the excel & qvw file here.

      Please let me know if you have any hints or solutions!