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    Aggr function set analysis VS if

      Hi there,


      Can anyone explain whats the difference between these 2 expressions:


      1) sum({<Confirmed={'1'}>}aggr((($(vTimeSheetTime)+$(vApprovedTime)+$(vForecast))*[Project Day Rate]),ProjectCode,ConsultingMonth,Product,Sector))




      2) sum(aggr(if(Confirmed=1,(($(vTimeSheetTime)+$(vApprovedTime)+$(vForecast))*[Project Day Rate])),ProjectCode,ConsultingMonth,Product,Sector))


      It seems my report does work only with the 2) expression even though i don't have any confirmed codes at all.

      If I use the first expression I just get the total of the current selection and qlikview seems to ignore set analysis.


      Kind Regards,