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    Seperate data with programing

    Darri Hilmarsson

      Hi, QV community


      I am trying to figure out some problem I need to resolve.

      I have two dimensions that is Consol and Job. (See picture, red colour)

      Sometimes there is many jobs in one Consol and most often there is only one Job in one Consol.

      I need to separate the Jobs when there is many Jobs in one Consol and when there is only one Job in one Consol.

      So if I give you an example of what I need. I need Jobs REYE000502, REYE000504, REYE000505 and REYE000506 in one table and REYE000507, REYE000508, REYE000509 and REYE000610 in another table.

      I have an indicator that tells me if the Concol has many jobs, that is the HBL_FLAG. (See picture, blue colour)

      But the HBL_FLAG does not tell me if a many Jobs have one Consol or not and that is what I need.

      Can I do something to make that happen.