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    [chart][conditional][date selectors] Attaching a calendar controller to a chart



      I am rather new to Qlikview and I need to control the values shown in a chart by a calendar, so the calendar shows only data newer to the date selected in the calendar.  Till now, I haven't got any success. My steps have been:


      1.- I created a new variable to hold the date selected: sel_date

      2.- I created a calendar with the variable (sel_date).

      3.- I create a graph, with a single dimension ( product ) and an expression: count(invoices),

      4.- The actual selection fails, I doesn't show any data whenever I try to make the expression conditional, such as:


      count({invoices} if (date_of_purchase >sel_date, 1 )


      where date_of_purchase is a column of DDBB, an imported qlikview data.


      I am using qlikview 9.

      What may I be doing wrong ?

      Thanks in advance