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    NPrinting Extension

      Hi every body,


      My company is interested to NPrinting extenstion to automatically send different reports (by email) to the users concerned, it would be better if I could get feedback from people who use it.


      Thank you for your answers (sorry for my bad english)



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          Göran Sander

          I have used it for some time now, and it is absolutely awesome.


          There have been some bugs in the product in the past, but as of some months I would say it is now very stable and feature complete for most purposes. I have pushed the product pretty hard, but have yet to find a use case that could not be implemented.


          A particular setup has proven quite successful:

          - Set up a Google spreadsheet that is used to capture configuration parameters for a report, for example recipients names and email addresses, frequency how often the report emails should be sent, whether to save reports to a shared drive or sent by email etc.

          - Read that Google doc into the QV app that also feeds the NPrinting report with report data. NPrinting now has access to all the data in the Google doc.

          - Create and distribute reports based on the configuration in the Google doc.


          With this setup, end users can themselves decide what reports they want to subscribe to, with what frequency etc etc.

          Quite flexible.




          Göran @ Spotify


          (No, I am not affiliated with the NPrinting guys in any way - but I do like their product)

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              Bill Markham



              QlikView itself is very good for presenting interactive BI Dashboards to a web browser for slicing & dicing data \ business discovery.  I believe these aspects are where QlikTech places most of it's R&D and quite rightly so.


              QlikTech has never really been promoted QlikView as a tool for generating static reports, although it does have some capabilities.




              NPrinting is very good at auto-generating / distributing static reports using qvw's as the data source.  So one can schedule emailing out static reports in many formats like pdf, xls, doc, ppt, html amongst others.  The html outputs could open some interesting opportunities that I hope to exploit in due course, as in creating a static html web page output, auto ftp'ing it to a web server to then allow people to view this static data via a web browser.


              I understand Vizubi, the NPrinting author, are a formal QlikView partner and their products compliment each other well.


              Vizubi offer a free one month trial of the NPrinting product.



              Best Regards,     Bill

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                Thank you very much for the answers.


                Now, I have some problems with istallation, I see that there are 3 executables: NPrinting Server, NPrinting On Demand and Client NPrintig and i must install BullZip pfd printer, Ghostscript and OpenSSL.

                Could you tell me if it is necessary to intall all these programs and tell me how to install and configure its if possible.


                Thank you so much

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                    Göran Sander

                    I believe there are several good getting started tutorials at the NPrinting web site - you have a much better chance of getting help there than here, I'd say.

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                      Neil Gulliver

                      Hi, Nabil.

                      NPrinting Client can be installed on PCs/Laptops. It is there for the development of reports. NPrinting Server is, as the name suggests, installed on a server to provide the NPrinting service. This enables automated qvw reloads, scheduling and delivery of reports. NPrinting OnDemand is also installed on the server to enable users to request on-demand the generation of reports or the execution of Tasks from a web-based environment. It is not mandatory to install OnDemand unless you are going to use it's functionality.


                      As for the other installs:

                      Bullzip PDF printer for creating and distributing QlikView reports in PDF format. This is no longer needed for current NPrinting versions only legacy versions.

                      GPG4win is for encrypting reports.

                      OpenSSL is only if your SMTP server requires SSL or TLS.




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                      vikas mahajan

                      Can you share experience for using this product more than 3500+ users'





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                          Neil Gulliver

                          Hi, Vikas.

                          3500+ users is quite a lot !

                          There are quite a number of issues to consider;

                          How do the users want to consume the reports ?

                          Do they want to be automatically sent them as part of a regular schedule or do they want to choose when to get the reports ? If it is latter you may need OnDemand and possibly NPrinting portal.

                          How many reports are required and how often are they to be delivered ?


                          In this instance, I would recommend contacting Vizubi to see if they have a case study available.




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                              vikas mahajan


                              Thanks for response point wise answers follo:


                              # Approximate 200 will log at time overall 3500+ will not log same time

                              There are quite a number of issues to consider What Are that ?

                              #   Users want to view Report  in website , When  user make login in website as per user division specific report should display report related to his division

                              If it is latter you may need OnDemand and possibly NPrinting portal. What is this ?

                              # 5 Static Reports want to see not analytical .

                              # Vizubi please give me study material what will be cost and all



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                            Hi Goran,


                            Can you tell me,

                            What happens If two users update on same day, whose value is passed and who will get ppt/word Doc ?

                            Both or final person who has updated ?

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                            Amit Saini

                            Hi Nabil,


                            The premier reporting solution for QlikView is NPrinting which gives you the ability to schedule reports to be sent to certain people in a certain format (excel, ppt, pdf). There are other features as well that make this a well rounded tool and ultimately provides significant functionality that you can’t do in the native server environment. I encourage you to check out the features here :




                            Better you download its trial version for 21 days and test it yourself.  We have recently started this tool for Qlikview Reporting purpose and seriously it is working fine and saving our lots of time.





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                                Hi every body i give you my feedbacks,


                                This extension is just very powerful but is doesn't support NT Security , Can someone tell me if there is a way or if it is possible to create a single recipient that contains reports based on a column for exemple : Country (i did it) and after send each report to the person concerned (example: Person A: repport of France, persone B: report of germany ... etc).


                                PS: i don't want to use filter in NPrinting.

                                Best regards,