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    SQL Statement in LET Statement

      Hi All,

      Can I use the SQL Statement in LET statement. For example I want to calculate the minimum date from a table initialize to a variable. So that it can be used in my calender.

      For example I want do some thing like the below one to that I can use vDateMin in any of the variable for MinDate in my calender.


      LET vDateMin = SQL Select min(d_entry_date) from Tbl_DWR;

        • SQL Statement in LET Statement
          Shumail Hussain

          As per my knowledge you cant put sql query in a variable at script level but you can do it at the design / development level by defining variable in document.

          Shumail Hussain

          • SQL Statement in LET Statement
            s j

            Dear Rikab,

            Let Statement works like variable declaration and Initialization. So during that time you cant assign value from any backend tool.



            Sunil Jain.

            • SQL Statement in LET Statement

              This can be work for you.

              We can get a value from a table, such in that example:

              LOAD * INLINE [
              "X" , "XValue"
              usd , usdValue
              eur , eurValue
              tl , tlValue
              SET vCurrency = '=Minstring("XValue")';


              So if you store your result on a table, you can use its columns, and take into a variable.
              If we customize to your case, You can try this:

              SQL Select min(d_entry_date) As mDate from Tbl_DWR;

              SET vCurrency = '=Minstring("mDate")';