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    Getting 'HTTP code 407 Proxy authorization required' while connecting TFS

    Kaviraj Subramanian

      Hi all,


      I am trying to do version control. I have installed visual studio 2013 Express for Desktop and accessing TFS online using visual studio account. When i try to connect to TFS using File -> Source Control -> Add Project to Source Control, project folder is creating locally. But i am gettting a popup saying 'HTTP code 407 Proxy authorization required'.


      We are working behind proxy. Initially i am getting this error, while connecting from visual studio 2013 to TFS online. Then i have given the proxy server settings in config file and the issue got resolved. But i am not able to resolve in qlikview.


      Anyone faced this issue before? Any workaround?


      Note: I can connect to other web services and SVN also.