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    Document CAL's vs Named/User CAL's



      this is probably a dumb question, but...

      while i understand the differences in usage for the different CAL types, one thing escapes me.

      are users with document CAL's allowed to open their assigned document, in the desktop client, and edit the model?

      so far, we have only been able to do this using named CAL's.

      doc CAL's only appear to allow opening models in the desktop client.

      or are we doing something wrong?

      please advise.



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          Friedrich Hofmann

          Hi Colleen,


          that's in fact a very good question. We had some confusion round here concerning that point for a long time - caused by our distribution_partner themselves who told us at some point that the difference between the types of CALs is ONLY the nr. of documents you can access.

          A short while ago, we had the plan to introduce some "area_designers" who would be able to do minor edits on their one respective app, but that didn't work since they have only doc_CALs.

          <=> Now we have been told that, as you rightly assume, with a doc_CAL, you can only

               - open

               - one

          app, only with a Named_CAL you can

               - open and edit

               - all


          Best regards,



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            Kwok Chong

            Hi Colleen,


            i believe you are referring to license leasing where only Named CALs can be used



            License Types


            License Lease is only available to those users who have obtained a Named User CAL as this license type facilitates both online & offline (QlikView Desktop) use. Document CALs, Session CALs & Usage CALs are all online licenses only meaning the user must be connected to the server to analyze their data.


            Source: http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-2993


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              Hi Colleen,


              this is a correct bevaviour. With Named Cals you can open as many Apps you like at one time. AND, when opening with a Windows-Client you are able to develop QV-Apps, this means reloading and designing the graph user interface.

              So they are normally for IT and Key-(Power-) User.


              A Doc-Cal is assigned to one user and to one document. With it you can't develop like described above. Therefor it is much cheaper and used normally from Analysts.