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    Load Seperate Tables From one ODBC Connection

      First Post !!


      I am trying to load two tables from one ODBC connection. When I run each table individually it works fine. But when I try loading them together I get an error message.


      I figured it may be because there are common column names in both tables. So to combat this I renamed the columns in one of the tables. This didn't wok and I get the same error message.


      Error Message.png


      See Load Script below............



      ODBC CONNECT TO DataSummary;


      Load *


           SQL Select *

           From im_reporting_zone.dbo.Analysis_J_Test;



           CustomerID as F.CustomerID,

           HistoryDate as F.HistoryDate,

           MonthYear as F.MonthYear,

           FleetSizeTotal_Count as F.FleetSizeTotal_Count,

           FleetSizeCar_Count as F.FleetSizeCar_Count,

           FleetSizeComercial_Count as F.FleetSizeComercial_Count,

           FleetSizeVan_Count as F.FleetSizeVan_Count,

           FleetSizeMotorbike_Count as F.FleetSizeMotorbike_Count,

           Intermediary as F.Intermediary,

           Group as F.Group,

           Company as F.Company,

           Branch as F.Branch,

           CostCentre as F.CostCentre,

           NatureOfBusiness as F.NatureOfBusiness


      SQL Select *

      From im_reporting_zone.dbo.Analysis_J_FleetSizebyMonthEnd