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    Propertys in Extensions

      Is there an easy way to add a font selector for the extension you're creating? I'm creating a rolling script, so using the font selector in the presentation dropdown does not work. Right now I have a textbox that the user has to fill in the font they want.



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          Clever Anjos

          Configure your Definition.xml as above

          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
          <ExtensionObject Label="Geo Heat Map" Description="Geographical Heat Map" PageHeight="100000">
            <Dimension Label="Dimension1" Initial="State" DropTarget="State"/>
            <Measurement Label="Measurement1" Initial="Sum(Num)" />
            <Text Label="Color1" Type="color" Initial="" Expression="#439400"/> <!-- this is a color-->
            <Text Label="Text1" Initial="" Expression="#fff"/>
            <Text Label="Color2" Type="color" Initial="" Expression="#d4d4d4"/>
            <Initiate Name="Chart.Title" value="Geographic Heat Map" />
            <Initiate Name="Caption.Text" Value="Geographic Heat Map" />
            <Initiate Name="Chart.BgColor.ColorHex" value="#FFF" />