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    Power Tools 1.2 for QlikView released

    Stefan Bäckstrand

      Hi all,


      We just released Power Tools 1.2 for QlikView! Check out the new features and additions and give us all your feedback for the next round.


      You can find all the goodies right here: Power Tools 1.2 for QlikView

      Some high priority new stuff:

      • New tool: Shared File Repair. This tool uses the built-in verify/repair functionality for .shared files that was released in 11.20 SR4 and refined in 11.20 SR5. The tool allows you to easily do the job on your .shared files and present the detailed reports of the result.
      • Lots of new fields and tables in Qv Server Object Connector - the custom connector for reading .shared file information into QlikView.
      • The Shared File Viewer has gotten some more love, and now has a search function on object level, much better filter functionality, a revised bitmap visualization mode
      • Major re-write of the backend stuff in Server Object Handler to increase performance and responsiveness. It now has support to own/remove server objects that belongs to users in Active Directory that are either non-existing or disabled.


      Make sure to read the release notes for all the updates!




      Frequently asked questions

      Q: Why do you release so seldom?

      A: Time and resource constraints. We will try and keep updates more frequent in the future.


      Q: Can I get the source code?

      A: At this point, no, not yet. We are discussing it still and it is on the horizon in some shape or form.


      Q: Will there be a Power Tools.Next?

      A: Will there be a demand and a need for any? Then, yes.


      Thank you to all that contributed to fixes and tests during late 2013 and beginning of 2014!