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    Load tables from different Excel sheets with different sheet names?


      Here is the problem I am facing:


      I have to load multiple excel files from the same folder. So I am using the " *.xlsx " function in my script -



      LOAD [Sales Order number],

           [Excise Invoice No],

           [Excise Date],

           [Quantity Delivered],

           [Gross Sales Amount],


      [D:\Qlik View\4 SSL\10 SSL Feb 21 2014\QlikView\Data\Excel\Sales_10\*.xlsx]

      (ooxml, embedded labels, header is 1 lines, table is [Sales Drytech 2013-2014]);


      The problem is that the table name (ie the sheet name) of all the excel files is different.

      So, i have to manually change the sheet in each of the excel files individually.

      Note: The sheet name is automatically named as name of the Excel file.

      Is there any way where the different table name doesnt need to be changed?