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    User License costs

      Hi everyone,


      some questions regarding licensing:

      - what is the price of a user license?

      - has it the only limitation to enable the user to open 1 document at a time?

      - can i buy only a user license, or i have to necessarily buy a server license?


      Thanks a lot,


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          Deepak Vadithala

          Hopefully you'll find all the answers here...






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            Kwok Chong

            Ok, let me try to throw my two pennies in.


            Rather than thinking about the licenses and costs, lets think from your requirements and needs and work back to the licenses and then squeeze it to fit your cost.


            Scenario 1 - you are a one-man-band, your boss just wants the output of your analysis

            Go for the Personal Edition which will costs you $0


            Scenario 2 - there are a few people who likes to use QlikView

            You can start considering a desktop license for each user (costs my add up quickly and you may want to consider a server license). Don't forget that a Personal Edition license doesn't allow you to open other user's reports, hence you'll need a license for each user. There is only one type of desktop license, there is no limitations.


            Admittedly, server licenses are a bit more complicated to cost. The reason being for example that only because there are 100 people using the reports doesn't mean you need 100 licenses, if only 10 of them are ever on the server at a time, you could get away with say 10-15 licenses on the server.



            My suggestion would be, contact your local QlikView partner and they could scope and recommend something that is suitable for your needs and budget.

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                There is a 3rd Scenario (the one i need):

                - a "one-man-band" (my customer) who uses the dashboard, and me (the developer).

                Can we both use a desktop license (me to develop, the customer to use the dashboard)?

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                    Kwok Chong

                    Assuming you are simply sending the Qlikview file across to the customer, you could get away with one license for the customer and you yourself simply make do with the Personal Edition. This is because the license structure is designed to focus on consumption rather than production.


                    The limitation here is that you will be doing all the developing and editing. The reason being that the PE version can only open files created by itself. If the customer changes the file, you won't be able to open it (well, after the couple of recovery attempts you get with it). Just make sure you are the only one editing the master file and you should be fine.