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    Rkaep report SAP problem with dinamic variant

    Fernando Keuroglian

      Hi People, i am working with sap as a database system, and i have a problem using qvsap connector but happend only in one specific report in RKAEP000


      I put a dinamic variant in sap, i bring the info but ok , but the next day i try to bring information but the variant set like the first time created.


      in sap the variant is ok, and if i run the report bring the ok date in the variant, but in qv sap connector i see another date


      i attached and image, as you can see the period is 22-12-2013 until 20-02-2014(yestarday) but today have to be until 21-02-2014


      if somebody can tell what would i have to check or test thank you a lot!