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    upgrade 11 sr1 to 11.2 Sr?

      Hi Everyone


      We are looking to upgrade our QV. It seems that it is a straight forward upgrade, however there are few point i wanted to get help on.


      1. When you update, qv asks to uninstall old version, do you have to do that, can you install on top of current version. Uninstall of old version scares me with all the settings, folders etc.
      2. Do you need to upgrade new license from qliktech or you existing will get updated.
      3. Our environment uses IE plugins, do we need to update users IE plugin.
      4. If we do need to update plugin, do we need to clear cache on each users machine.
      5. What are the check list that one should have when upgrading. I have following can you please add to it.
        1. Backup server.
        2. Backup Apps
        3. Have license info ready.
        4. Perform Upgrade.
        5. Check all the connections
        6. Update user IE plugin (yes or no)
        7. Clear user IE cache (yes or no)
        8. anything else ......
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          Hi md35,

          normally this is a straight forward action, nevertheless with no warranty

          some remarks from my experience:

          0.1 Backup isn't a bad idea, I hope you do that regularly

          0.2 Being local admin and member of qvadmin is recommended

          1. yes, uninstall the old version is necessary, but no problem. Settings and folders are not lost

          2. no upgrade of licence needed (assuming you have a software service contract including new version)

          5. Update the server and all the windows clients (no qvadmin necessary); don't forget the client installed on the  QV-server itself, if any

          6. Start/stop QV-services

          7. upgrade plugin on every pc

          8. check and test . . .




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            neetha P


            Apart from above

            I think Updating user plugin on every PC not necessary,as we upgraded last month from version 10 to version 11 and there was no complain  from users until now.

            Upgrading was done on new server while old server was operational,so users are not obstructed from accessing reports.

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              thanks guys,


              before plugin upgrade, is clearing cache recommended.


              during testing, what do you test, what could go wrong. are you only testing if each dashboard loads up fine.

              another thing is do i have to open each dashboard into current version of qv and save it, is it necessary.