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    Convert time string an round time

    Stefan Fischer



      i will convert date and time in the right format.

      strTime: 10.02.2014 07:45:50


      10.02.2014 -> Date(Left(strTime,10),'DD.MM.YYYY') AS DAT,


      07:45:50 -> Time#(Right(strTime,8),'HH.MM.SS') AS TIM


      07:45:50 -> Time(Right(strTime,8)) as TIM


      Now, strTime should be round to next 10 min, e.g. 07:50:00. I've check a formula in excel, but in QlikView it's no working.


      07:50:00 -> RUNDEN(TIM*24/(1/6);0)*(1/6)/24


      Do you have any idea, whats wrong?