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    Losing colour in chart when I add a second expression

      I have a 2 dimensional combo chart in Qlikview. First dimension is department, second is financial year.


      I have an expression to show number of hours worked by department members, this is represented as a grouped bar on the combo chart, so for each dept, we get a coloured bar for each financial year, as expected.




      However, when I add in a second expression for a symbol on the chart, the bars all change to blue. this is rather confusing as it no longer matches the colour coding on other charts. This new expression uses AGGR to calculate a single average for each Dimension 1 value (department) rather than doing a separte value for each combination of dept and financial year.




      Can anyone suggest a way to keep the colours of Dimension 2 on the first expression when I add this second expression?


      Many thanks